William Carron

I code, therefore I am (a web developer)

About Me

I write code. I make that code as obvious, clean, and elegant as possible. I focus on simplicity. Users know what they want.

nature vector image

Despite living in the city, wilderness is my real home. I'm extremely passionate about our public lands and experiencing all I can in nature. Camping, hiking, and backpacking are things I do frequently, especially in National Parks and Monuments. I've been to 11 so far; only 100 or so to go.

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Since hiking and backpacking are usually slow pace activities, I have to get my adrenaline rushes elsewhere. To get my fix, I go pebble wrestling (bouldering) and rock climbing. Climbing is basically solving puzzles using my center of gravity and a small dose of finger strength. It's actually a lot like programming.
See the problem -> Figure out how to get through it -> Apply your solution.

motorcycle vector icon

I also enjoy riding and wrenching on my motorcycle. It's neat that a machine, seemingly so complex and intimidating (I mean, have you looked under your car hood lately?), is actually incredibly simple. Mechanic work is, again, a lot like programming. Simple systems working in harmony to produce a beautiful and functional machine.

Tech Stack

  • Front End
  • HTML | HAML | Pug
  • JavaScript | ES6 | Vue.js
  • Jest | Mocha
  • Back End
  • Ruby | Ruby on Rails | Node.js
  • MongoDB | PostgreSQL | Redis
  • RSpec | Cucumber(ish)
  • Peripheral
  • Bash | Git
  • Nginx | CDN (e.g Cloudinary)
  • DigitalOcean | AWS
  • Google Ads | SEO

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